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Fate D.W. Simon


D.W. Simon

Published April 8th 2004
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

D.W. Simon finally got his stuff together and came out of the closet at 28. The only problem is, hed spent so much time in there, he never learned to date, socialize, have self-confidence, etc. Somehow he thought that by just admitting, even to himself that he was gay, that he would automatically get the husband, the house, the 2.5 kids, and all the rest. Sadly, that didnt happen.So... in making sure that he stayed sane, D. W. began writing. Not only writing to put on paper what he wanted, thought was sexy, and was hoping to find, but actually seeing what was out there. It started as a grand experiment, to get feedback, just to find out if any of his desires could come true. The next thing you know, he had completed 25 short stories, had a huge fan base, and considered actually making this his full-fledged career.Now, many years later, D. W. has the husband, the house, no kids but five cats, and is working on his own happily ever after. All of his works are fiction, none of them actually happened. D. W. has always been amazed at how many of his fans wonder if his writing is auto-biographical in nature. The answer is no, it isnt.You can send your comments, suggestions, or get personal with him at [email protected]