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J.A. Huss

Published October 8th 2014
Kindle Edition
127 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

MovieStar @[email protected] #DirtyHeaven is mine tonight.Grace @[email protected] I own #DirtyHeaven, bitch. #VaughnAsherIsMyBitchMovieStar @[email protected] #FlashbackTime Get ready.Grace @FilthyBlueBirdCome here and take off my lip gloss @VaughnAsher #OnMyKneesWaitingMovieStar @[email protected] #Flashback to last night. Oh, you weren’t wearing lip gloss. But you are now. #GetOnYourKneesAndWaitGrace @[email protected] - Dabbing lips with a napkin. #ThatAllYouGot?Finally... Grace sees me in a different light. The banter is flirty, the sex is fun, and the future looks fabulous.I just hope she feels the same way when she finds out what I did.