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Embedded Systems Networking: Applications, Case Studies and Technologies Robert Oshana

Embedded Systems Networking: Applications, Case Studies and Technologies

Robert Oshana

ISBN : 9780124201019
776 pages
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 About the Book 

This book takes a practical approach to describing the various technologies that come together to create advanced network and communications processing. These technology areas include hardware processing, protocols, network stacks, operating systems, virtualization, and application level processing.In addition, material is included on networking software services, architecture and partitioning, porting and integrating, security, and software development for networking.It includes case studies on:Techniques for mapping an application to a network processorNetworking for consumer applicationsIndustrial wireless LAN (WLAN) networkingEnterprise networking applicationsMIMO parallelization and implementation on heterogeneous GPGPU architecturesUsing hardware/ software co-design methods for implementing efficient small cell solutionsSoftware development techniques for embedded networking applicationsMobile, cloud computing and data securityHarnessing the power of multicore architectureDeveloping a Network Interface Controller (NIC)Low power networking strategiesWith this book, you will learn:The different uses of computer networksHow to program and configure network hardware, including the use of hubs, switches and routersThe varied uses of network software, including networking operating systemsThe structure and features of each layer of the ISO/OSI Reference Model, including physical, datalink, network and application protocolsHow to make use of the software functionality of each layer of the TCP/IP Reference Model compared with the ISO/OSI Reference ModelHow to implement major software components of computer networks including virtualization and offload technologiesValuable information on computer network security issuesHow to describe network media and data transmissionsHow to explain network design and describe the various network topologiesThe software features of NetWare and Linux serversSoftware requirements for implementing wide area networks.Provides full coverage of networking topics, strategies and implementation for embedded components and systems, including the various topologies, algorithms and protocols necessary to embedded network developmentNumerous code examples illustrate and reinforce the concepts discussedMultiple case studies demonstrate techniques across a number of application areas.