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The Promise R.L. Scott-Buccleuch

The Promise

R.L. Scott-Buccleuch

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 About the Book 

@Time of reading1/14 80 [email protected] word summarysoccer leg operation promise famiry succeed [email protected] questionDo you play soccer? Do you like [email protected] answerYes, I do. I joined to a soccer club in childhood. Therefore, I do like soccer! A lot of women dont know soccer rule deeply, but i can explain how to play soccer. Sometime i play soccer with my friend. However it is cold recently, so i wait spring [email protected] I think about the book.i thought the main character is so nice. he has a warm heart. if i could have a my own child, i would like him or her to grow up like him. moreover, i want to make great family like them. this book was heartwarming story. i have ever taken two operation while i was a child, so i thought about my family. i want to know how did they feel about me when i was in operation room.