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Resurrection Planet Lucas  Cole

Resurrection Planet

Lucas Cole

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In the novel, RESURRECTION PLANET, Former Marine--now a mercenary troubleshooter-- Ronald Crisp has to subdue savage hordes of deadheads and outwit his former boss--maniacal Colonel Spangler. This is a blend of military science fiction, zombie horror, and a philosophical look at end-times theology...the thinking mans zombie book.ExcerptIt is a small piece of hell. Fractured bones, bones with telltale marks of having been gnawed and chewed. Blood spatters. Skulls, some gleaming and white, others with dried pieces of flesh still attached. No eyes- these would have been considered a delicacy, I suppose. Tattered pieces of clothing that could not be salvaged. A boot missing its sole, the leather cracked and warped, but its shoelaces notably absent. Blood stains on the rock seats ringing the pit. Blood trails to the nearby lean-tos where the copulation and celebration would have taken place after the rejuvenating meal. Welcome to blue camp. Welcome to the civilized tribe.