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The Court Elizabeth  Walker

The Court

Elizabeth Walker

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 About the Book 

The Court must be regarded as a seriously bad novel. Its not that Elizabeth Walker cant write nor is it that she cant sustain a coherent narrative. Its that she has absolutely no conception of how real people act, interact, behave, and treat each other. The Hellyn family, owners of the legendary Court, are a group of anachronistic snobs who believe that to be aristocratic is to treat everyone around them like three-day old fish. Forced into sudden poverty, the teenaged remnants of the family make their way in the world by variously descending into prostitution, madness, politics, and sexual frigidity. Through it all, they maintain their contempt for all those around them, including those with whom they deign to have sex (which is often) and those they decide to marry. Through it all, they neither grow nor learn, just use others as if droit du seigneur were still the law of the land. In the end, one wishes their beloved Court would collapse with these four brats inside, along with the doormats who have the ill-fortunate to love them.